Selenium SeLECT® 5000 DCP


It is important to recognize that "chelates" and "organically bound" forms of selenium are not similar to Selenium SeLECT. Both these forms release inorganic selenium into the body. Selenium SeLECT is unique in that it is a single chemical entity.

This makes Selenium SeLECT not only safer, but more bioavailable than other dry "blend" selenium and methionine products. Organically bound selenium has garnered heavy media attention as a pivotal component in the body’s detoxifying system and for its role in the prevention of disease.

Selenium SeLECT administered in the form of Selenomethionine containing yeast was found to be effective in reducing the risk of cancer in a significant study. Selenium SeLECT is the preferred form of selenium supplementation due to its inherent safety and its scientific recognition as the most bioavailable form of selenium.

Selenium plays multiple roles in the growth and functioning of living cells in higher animals and human. This element is unevenly distributed in the earth’s crust. The primary nutritional sources is the soil form which it is absorbed by plants and enters the food chain. Geographical variations in the selenium status of populations therefore exist, necessitating selenium supplementation. The recommended levels for selenium supplementation in humans are 50-200 mcg/day.


Metabolism of L-(+)-Selenomethionine

Selenium SeLECT has the sulfur atom in L(+) – Methionine replaced by selenium. It is converted to selenocysteine in the body. Selenocysteine is then incorporated into selenoproteins.

Advantages of Selenium SeLECT

It is reported that the replacement of methionine by Selenomethionine in the protein structure does not induce any functional changes in the protein molecule. In fact, selenium in the protein structure protects DNA from oxidation more efficiently than the original sulfur in methionine. The carbon-selenium bond is more easily broken during photochemical reactions as compared to the carbon-sulfur bond. Thus Selenium SeLECT® preferentially "accepts" the energy from light. Therefore, topical or orally administered Selenium SeLECT offers greater protection to the skin against damage by ultraviolet light.

One study reports that selenium levels in the red blood cells of subjects treated with Selenomethionine (in the form of selenium yeast) increased by 100% after 16 weeks supplementation. Neither selenite nor selenate supplementation produced significant increases under the same conditions. Thus, Selenomethionine and yeast containing Selenomethionine are the appropriate forms of selenium for use in nutritional supplements and foods including infant formulas.

Selenium SeLECT® unlike other organic mineral –chelates is present as an organically bound form of selenium, is a "single chemical entity"

Selenium as Selenium SeLECT is completely bio-available and the user enjoys its benefits in totality.

Cancer therapies with selenium as the main ingredient are up and coming. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has chosen our Selenium SeLECT as an exclusive form of selenium, for a 12-year clinical study on prostate cancer.

Selenium SeLECT has received its safety and non-toxic approval IND from FDA.

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